VisionAlveri in 10 years

Preserving a nature-rich daily life for the future
Use fashion to save the earth

Since our establishment in 1956, we, SANKI (三喜商事), have been a pioneer in introducing high-quality import brands and top-quality textiles, mainly from Europe, to Japan. We have consistently proposed new lifestyles.

When we thought about what we could do “to help the world through fashion”, we came across “wood thread”, a material made from the thinned wood necessary to protect forests. Wood thread is not only an environmentally friendly material, but it also has functionality unique to natural materials. Combining sustainability with fashion, we launched the novel fashion brand, ‘Alveri’.

We aim to promote the consumption of thinned wood by branding “wood threads”, developed to protect the abundant nature of the future, as an attractive fashion item and by spreading them around the world. We strive to address the SDGs and societal issues through fashion.

Alveri’s dream

  • Utilization of wood component “lignin” (biomass fuel, thermal power generation)
  • Utilization of soil after biodegradation (sales to agricultural producers)
  • Construction of “Alveri Village” with the theme of locally produced and locally consumed clothes

Alveri Village concept

With the theme of locally produced clothes for local consumption, the store was built near the forests where raw materials are sourced.

Since the birth of Alveri, we aim to create a complex facility that utilizes various items related to the biodegradation process to express the cycle of “build → enjoy → throw away → reuse.”

Natural circulation that Alveri aims for

  • 01.
  • Make

    A cellulose kettle, spinning, weaving, and sewing equipment are installed, and you can see the wood thread manufacturing process, Alveri sewing process, etc.
  • 02.
  • Enjoy

    In addition to the Alveri SHOP, enjoy the blessings of nature at restaurants, cafes, and tree growing facilities (tree play, forest play).
  • 03.
  • Dispose

    Bury it yourself in the field and experience biodegradation.
  • 04.
  • Reuse

    Utilizes energy and soil obtained through cellulose purification and biodegradation.

Be fashionable for the earth.